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My Favorite Women Are Taken

I know this is going to sound terrible and people will judge me but I only go after married women. I’ve always had a thing for MILFs and it seems like all the good ones are already taken. That’s just an excuse though. I’m actually just not into relationships. I like finding women that are already married so I can just have the benefits of a relationship without actually being in one. I don’t have to fight about bills or laundry or kids or anything that’s stressful. I can just be there to listen and fuck of course.

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The Hairier The Better

Hairy pussy turns me on. There, I said it. Some people may think it’s a strange turn on, but I ask them, have you ever shot your load all over a girl with a hairy pussy? No? Try it and it’ll change your mind.

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Matures Need Cock Too

There’s no need to pray grandma, not only are you to get fucked, you’re going to get fucked hard.

That’s one of my favourite things about the mature women; they’re not there for the romance and have no sense of fulfilment through chivalry and bullshit, they just want to get down and get fucked.

They also very clearly know what they’re doing which just proves again that there’s no substitute for experience.

I can remember when I was a youngster and had the prettiest of girlfriends, she was even a beauty pageant winner for our city but she had no idea how to suck cock and if I didn’t maneuver her around in the bedroom then she’d just stay in the same position indefinitely. She just didn’t know how, she just didn’t have the experience.

There is very little you can teach mature women and they sure as hell don’t hold back.

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Gorgeous Natural Women in Hot Amateur Scenes

I love seeing women in their natural state, without a bunch of retouching, or plastic surgery. I like them unshaven, and womanly. The way they were meant to be. To me, women are so beautiful, so SEXY, the way that they are, I don’t need a bunch of alterations made to what is already perfection. It just takes away from the essence that is woman, which what I crave more than anything.

As much as I love mature women who know what they want and have experience, there is plenty to be said about the younger ladies as well, who are just coming into their sexuality. There’s an innocence there, and an unbridled passion that comes with the curiosity of exploring their womanhood that is beautiful to witness.

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